SAMS Capability Statement 

SAMS is a lifecycle technology solutions provider invested in every step of the business journey.
We partner with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of the challenges they face and what success means to their
organization. From there, we provide solutions to meet their goals, minimize risks, and facilitate ongoing readiness.

Journey To The Cloud: A Case Study On The U.S. National Guard

The U.S. National Guard comprises reserve forces of the U.S. military who stand by for action in cases of crisis on a national and local level. Managing, activating, and monitoring over 300,000 troops is a vital but challenging responsibility for all levels of administration from action officer to senior leadership.

Will the Gig Economy be the Death of Energized Teams? – eBook on the Gig Economy

All the numbers suggest that the U.S job market is currently in wonderful shape: in October of 2018, the Department of Labor (DoL) reported that unemployment was at its lowest since 1969. More workers, more talent, and upward mobility; this should make recruitment easier – right?

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